Language matters, and no, they’re not sanctuary cities — they’re ‘aiding and abetting criminals’ cities

Writing at The Lid, our friend Jeff Dunetz asked: “Remember when words mattered?”

Indeed we do…

He continued:

You know what I am talking about! When words had a meaning before they are artificially softened. The days before taxes were called revenue enhancements, before government spending of our hard-earned money was called investments, or when there were terrorists instead of militants. Back then words mattered. Sure, at times they may have been harsh sounding like when this Oscar winner is instead of the Oscar goes to. That last one gives the impression that the best picture award is just another meaningless participation trophy; “the 10th place award goes to;”

Of course, there is the recent silly transition from Illegal Alien to undocumented Alien. If they are simply undocumented for coming into the country illegally, then a murderer is simply an undocumented executioner, a kidnapper is an undocumented parent, someone who drives despite the fact their license was suspended an undocumented driver, and a burglar an undocumented resident etc., etc.

“Another one of those new-fangled, softened-terms,” he notes, is “sanctuary cities.” 

He explains: “That particular term didn’t replace another one like ‘undocumented alien.’ It’s a relatively new term because municipalities used to act to keep criminals under lock and key, they would never consciously break the law. But cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, NY, Seattle and others that call themselves ‘sanctuary cities’ aren’t providing sanctuary, they are aiding and abetting criminals. In most cases violent criminals.”

Exactly.  And now we have an entire state — California — calling itself a “sanctuary state.”  Worse yet, the state Attorney General has threatened to prosecute any business that actually obeys federal immigration law.

Words, by the way, mean things.  These localities aren’t “sanctuaries.”  They’re aiding and abetting people who have violated federal law.  That, in itself, should see officials prosecuted and punished.

Dunetz has a lot more on the subject here.


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