Cutting deals with Obama is NOT an option

boehner and obamaThey turned him down…

And so it seems that ‘Prince’ Harry Reid is now pulling Obama’s strings for late yesterday afternoon Reid announced that he and Obama will NOT accept Boehner’s proposal regarding the short term raising of debt ceiling unless a ‘clean’ continuing resolution goes along with it…as in do what we originally demanded or you get NOTHING!

And so Speaker of the House John Boehner has been blowing smoke into the air with his proposal for a 6-week raise in the debt ceiling in exchange for the Democrats to be willing to sit down with the Republicans and negotiate on other matters…matters such as ObamaCare and spending cuts.

But why did Boehner even offer a negotiation proposal in the first place when Obama’s approval ratings have fallen to 37% in the polls, and with the fact that the sky will NOT fall if the debt ceiling is NOT raised…and all Obama’s bloviations to the contrary are just threatening game-playing words of NO substance at all.

So what was Boehner thinking when he announced that he was willing to negotiate with Obama on an extension to raise the debt ceiling…why doesn’t Boehner and his fellow Republicans get that we patriots want him and the House Republicans to stand strong and united against this most miserable excuse of a president and most assuredly NOT to negotiate with him.

I guess Boehner missed school the day the lesson was taught that you do NOT negotiate with the enemy…neither foreign nor domestic…ever.

And now it pains me to have to say that for the most part the Republican Party has let us down yet again. So to the few Republicans who publicly stood strong against Obama…especially to our hero Ted Cruz and also to Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and even Rand Paul…I apologize to you for Speaker of the House John Boehner choosing to betray you and your dedication to doing what’s right for ‘We the People’ as he caved and sold us out once again.

So it does NOT matter that Obama and Reid turned him down for Boehner did the deed and we patriots are NOT happy that he did so.

And I cannot say this enough, and I wish Boehner would let it sink into his brain…we will NOT default if we do NOT raise the debt ceiling as we have 5 times the monies needed to pay the interest on the notes due…and interest is all that has to be paid out…and Boehner should have thrown this fact in Obama’s face and used ObamaCare as his ace-in-the-hole bargaining chip if he was going to meet Obama half-way or anyway on anything.

So here the House Republicans had a chance to stand united…to stand their ground…to stand strong…as our side had the upper hand over NOT only Obama, but Harry Reid and the Senate as well. But Boehner blew it for now it sadly seems that NO matter what Obama dishes out he and the likes of McCain, Graham, and a host of other ‘so-called’ Republican party leaders will cower and cave before the man who NOT only stole an election through voter fraud, but a man whose ultimate goal is to destroy all we Americans honor and hold dear…all we honor and hold dear as he deliberately and with malice gets joy in inflicting pain…as much pain as possible on ‘We the People’…and laughs as he holds the race card over everyone’s head while doing so.

Caving to a man whose satisfaction…a satisfaction that only the most vile of human beings would revel in…is inflicting pain on those who deserve it the least…and Boehner’s offer adds an added slap to the face of true American heroes.

And as we all know Obama’s recent round of vileness was calculatingly directed at our veterans and troops starting with the closing of the World War II Memorial to our aging and frail heroes…and moved on to closing the Viet Nam Memorial to those finally getting the respect so long overdue…then continued on to closing the D-Day Memorial at Normandy…and most reprehensible of all to NOT restoring immediately the military death benefits that the government shutdown took away to family members of recently fallen troops …and Obama’s doing so out of NOTHING but sheer meanness makes what Boehner did even more reprehensible.

To say shame on him puts it oh so mildly for if Boehner had truly wanted to send something over to Obama that had true substance and teeth it should have been that the only way he would agree to raise the debt ceiling…and to raise it only temporarily at best…then removing ObamaCare from the general budget and making it a ‘stand alone bill’ would be the only way he would agree to it.

And now it’s over as Boehner was turned down and while some might think Boehner looks the hero for making the offer of compromise, if truth be told he looks like the sell-out that he is. Boehner betrayed those in his own party…brave men like Ted Cruz…and most of all he betrayed the hope that we Republicans and Tea Party members had in him to stand strong against this most vile of presidents.

And that my friends is the saddest thing of all.


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