Sessions declares ‘Sanctuary Cities’ harm citizens, DOJ grants at risk

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions (shown during confirmation hearings) is cracking down on "sanctuary cities." (Screen capture, YouTube, CSPAN2)
Attorney General Jeff Sessions (shown during confirmation hearings) is cracking down on “sanctuary cities.” (Screen capture, YouTube, CSPAN3)

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions accused so-called “sanctuary cities” of harming their citizens by refusing to enforce federal immigration laws and announced that grants to such cities from the Department of Justice could be withheld.

Almost immediately, officials in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and other cities promised defiance. Ultra-liberal Democrat Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was quoted by KIRO News stating, “I’m willing to risk losing every penny of federal funding to stand by our commitment to protect everyone in our community.”

This is the same Ed Murray who advocates stricter gun laws and “safe injection sites” for heroin addicts. He also wants to raise tens of millions of dollars via property tax hikes to provide shelters and services for the homeless. He had earlier estimated Seattle could lose $85 million in federal grants, which KIRO said “could hit the police department hardest.”

Melissa Mark-Viverito, speaking for the New York City Council, vowed, “We are going to become this administration’s worst nightmare.”

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has also promised to fight the Trump administration over the sanctuary issue.

Reports estimate that there are more than 140 sanctuary jurisdictions in the United States.

The sanctuary movement has been at the center of controversy for the past few years, fueled by incidents in which illegal aliens have been involved in crimes, including the shooting death of Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier while visiting with her parents.

Authorities in Grant County, Washington are holding five illegal aliens in connection with the brutal January murder of 31-year-old Jill Sundberg. She had been shot 13 times and left along a rural road. Sundberg was the mother of four.

On Monday, LifeZette published a story about a “nationwide string of violent crimes involving illegal aliens.” It discussed problems in New York, Maryland, Arizona, New Jersey and elsewhere.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump had promised to get tough on illegal immigration, and he is still promising to build a wall along the southern border.


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