Video: Jay Leno shreds Democrats over shutdown

Jay-Leno-9542191-1-402Comedian Jay Leno says he leans Democratic, but you wouldn’t know it from his monologue Friday.

Here’s just a few zingers from his monologue, but you really need to watch the video.  It’s hilarious.

This government shutdown thing is getting old. The national parks are closed, the museums are closed, federal agencies are closed. But our borders? They’re wide open, don’t worry about that.

President Obama has officially cancelled his trip to Asia. He said he didn’t want to be in Indonesia not doing anything to solve the crisis, when he could be in Washington not doing anything to solve the crisis.

Actually, it’s the perfect time for him to go to Asia. I mean, what better time to leave Joe Biden in charge of the country than during a shutdown? He couldn’t do any more damage, right?

The shutdown is so bad, Nancy Pelosi may be forced to keep this face for another year. That’s how bad it is.

At one point, he goes after GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert, but the lion’s share of the evening’s bit was aimed directly at Democrats.

Watch the video below:


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