Vox writer: Obama should unilaterally ban everyone from buying guns

Dylan Matthews wants Obama to rule like a dictator on gunsIt seems that a basic understanding of civics is not a requirement for writers at the liberal Vox media outlet.  On Thursday, Vox writer Dylan Matthews suggested Barack Obama unilaterally ban all Americans from buying guns.

So much for the Second Amendment and so much for separation of powers.  Matthews, it seems, really wants Obama to rule like a third-world dictator.


Some responded sharply, wondering what he might say if Donald Trump was the one unilaterally stripping Constitutional rights from Americans.



Of course, as Sheriff David Clarke and others have warned, such a move could very easily spark a second American revolution.

But he seemed to have a change of heart when Glen Greenwald said Muslim-Americans would be most affected (which really isn’t true…).


So it’s okay to strip Americans of their constitutional rights as long as it doesn’t impact Muslim-Americans?  Do these leftists even think before they spout off with this stuff?  I’ve got an even better idea, even though I was only being sarcastic at the time I presented it.  How about we banish liberals to the totalitarian hell-hole of their choice for a couple decades?

By the way, it’s not the first time liberals have suggested Obama rule like a dictator, as I noted here, here and here, among other places.

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