Video: Wordless PEGIDA anti-Islamist hymn tops Adele’s hit single on Amazon

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PEGIDALast Wednesday, Germany’s The Local reported that a wordless hymn (we used to call them “instrumentals” in my day) put out by the anti-Islamist group PEGIDA has topped Adele’s hit single “Hello” on Amazon.

According to the German outlet Die Welt, the song has done quite well, despite being ridiculed for having no words.

The Local added:

It has also jumped above successful German recording artists Robin Schulz and Sido, who have been knocked down to places three and four, respectively.

On YouTube the hymn has also clocked up over 100,000 views so far. However, most of the commentaries underneath ridicule it for its banality.

Many comments made fun of the lack of lyrics in the song, connecting it to a common stereotype of Pegida followers being uneducated.

Apparently, a number of Germans have forgotten that some of the greatest music in the world was composed by Germans and a lot of that music has no words either.  Maybe they think only uneducated people listed to Beethoven.  Or maybe they’ve forgotten that the best music doesn’t really need words to inspire…

The video was removed by the user and re-posted, with comments turned off.  Here is that video:

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PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann is taking the criticism in stride, thanking critics for the song’s success.

“Thanks to all the comments from the dumb lefties our song is racing up the charts – meaning more sales for us,” he said.


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