Poll: 65% believe U.S. on wrong track as June background checks surge

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Background checks for guns hit a record high for June, Fox News reports. (Dave Workman photo)
Background checks for guns hit a record high for June, Fox News reports. (Dave Workman photo)

A new Rasmussen survey released Monday reveals that 65 percent of U.S. voters “now believe the nation is headed down the wrong track, down one point from the previous week” but four percent higher than one year ago.

Last year, 61 percent of poll respondents thought the nation was going in the wrong direction. At that time, 34 percent believed the country was on the right track, but with this recent survey, only 29 percent now think the country is headed in the right direction.

The figures are significant because Fox News just reported that June gun-related background checks hit the highest point for any month of June since the National Instant Background Check system went online. It also is the highest figure for any month of this year, and it is 600,000 more checks than occurred in June 2015, Fox News reported.

The Rasmussen survey also noted that 82 percent of Republicans and 74 percent of voters “not affiliated with either major political party” think the nation is heading in the wrong direction. Democrats, by a thin margin of 48-43 percent, think the nation is going in the right direction.

Fox News indicated that the rush on guns and ammunition followed the terrorist attack in Orlando. It might also be attributed to new efforts to push gun control because of the Orlando attack.

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