Tweet of the Day: Former Public Radio Editor Wants Republicans to ‘Inject Disinfectant Into Your Lungs…With a Bullet’

Liberalism, as I’ve repeatedly said since 2011, is an ideology of insane, bloodthirsty rage and hate.  Liberals gleefully remind us of this on a daily basis.  One of the latest examples comes to us from Bob Collins, a former Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) senior editor and director of political news who now tweets under the name, “My Little Bloggie.”

On Friday, Collins told Republicans that “the proper way to inject disinfectant into your lungs is with a bullet.”

In other words, he wants Republicans to kill themselves.  Classy, and oh, so typically liberal, eh?

One person advised:

Another added:

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He could have ended that response after the fourth word as far as I am concerned, because it’s clear to me Collins certainly didn’t engage his alleged brain before mashing the keyboard.

Another added:

The Minnesota Sun tells us this wasn’t the only hateful tweet Collins issued.  In another, he actually expressed a desire to see Republicans drink bleach:

“If Trump supporters drink a hot cup of bleach today, I’m pretty OK with that,” Collins said in another Friday tweet.

Former state Rep. Nick Zerwas expressed his dismay with Collins’ violent remarks.

“Every single time he goes on these insanely partisan rants it hurts the credibility of his former MPR News colleagues,” said Zerwas. “Reminder: this super well balanced individual (now asking for Republicans to be shot in the chest) oversaw political coverage at Minnesota Public Radio.”

He also suggested viewers of Fox News get together and kill each other with the virus.

“I wouldn’t do anything to help anyone who’s still a Trump supporter,” he said in another tweet.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the modern left.  They truly hate your guts and they want you dead.  Let that sink in.


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