Some people did discuss Obamacare on Thanksgiving: A report

A Happy Thanksgiving and Chanunkah (where applicable) to you all. Here is hoping you took time out from the turkey, the cranberries, the televised football, and all the rest to give thanks for your blessings. Whether you count Barack Obama’s health care reform law among the things you are thankful for remains to be seen — which is why his PAC, Organizing for Action, was encouraging spirited debate over the holiday on the merits of Obamacare.

Judging from a cross-section of tweets catalogued by Twitchy, some families took the president’s advice to heart. Whether any of the spirited combatants required treatment under the current, pre-Obamacare health delivery system is not stated, but it sounds as though some of the thoughtful discussions devolved into near-warfare.

Taylor Roth @taylorlroth tweeted at 6:55 on Nov. 28, “Thanksgiving dinner was great, but I really wish there would have been more ObamaCare discussion. #saidnooneever.”

Another tweeter named talley @talleygrace_ wrote, “my family is drunk and screaming at each other about Obamacare um—.” The message, however, is dated Nov. 29, so maybe the problem was the length of the celebration as much as it was the contentiousness of the law.

Morgan Davis @MorghanDayvis wrote “family fighting over Obamacare. lol here we go,” while a comment by David @DavidN1027 suggests his arguments over the Affordable Care Act were nothing new for him and his kind on Turkey Day: “Why does my family always feel the need to argue about abortion and Obamacare during thanksgiving. #Seriously.”

A user who styles herself Lucifer @Devoted2Mariah, meantime, wrote at 4:55 on the 28th “If my family doesn’t shut the f**k up about obamacare I will burn this house down.” Here’s hoping they shut up.

As Twitchy notes, not all of the discussions were confrontational. Here are several tweets that prove the point:

Tweeting Insomniac @SuMacDan: We held a family vote on Obama Care and we were unanimous in being ‘agin’ it. First time we’ve all agreed on anything.

Don Fryer @Donfryer: Followed obama’s advice to discuss #obamacare during turkey dinner. Family consensus was obama is worst Pres in US history. @DrMartyFox

dornmachine @dornmachine: Well we sat down as a family and all talked about the failure of #obamacare today at dinner. Thats what we were supposed to do, right? @OFA

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