Obama chooses between armed criminals, gun owners

President Obama is more lenient with criminals than law-abiding citizens. (Youtube).
President Obama is more lenient with criminals than law-abiding citizens. (Youtube).

After President Barack Obama used his pen to commute the sentences of 214 federal prisoners – the single biggest such showing of presidential leniency in a century – a leading national gun rights organization accused him of being “softer on gun-packing criminals than he is on gun-owning honest citizens.”

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ripped into the president for the commutations. CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb noted in a statement to the press that Obama “has never missed an opportunity to exploit some tragedy in an effort to curtail legal gun ownership.” But this group of federal prisoners, described by Fox News as “serving time for nonviolent crimes related to cocaine, methamphetamine or other drugs,” included some who had also been charged with firearms violations.

“He granted leniency to people who have actually committed crimes while armed,” Gottlieb noted.  “As many people have been led to suspect with his foreign policy decisions, his action…leaves us convinced that he can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.”

Fox News noted that the president has commuted 562 sentences so far during his presidency, which ends in January. This is more than the past nine presidents combined. About 200 of those prisoners were serving life sentences.

The story quoted White House counsel Neil Eggleston, who wrote this in a blog:

“All of the individuals receiving commutation today — incarcerated under outdated and unduly harsh sentencing laws — embody the president’s belief that ‘America is a nation of second chances.’”

But with this president, gun owners don’t even seem to get a first chance. Instead of blaming perpetrators for such outrages as San Bernardino, Sandy Hook, Dallas and Orlando, the president’s response has focused on firearms, and by default, the honest citizens who own them.

“The fact remains that the president seems more worried about people who haven’t committed crimes with guns they legally own than people who have committed crimes while carrying guns they probably did not legally own,” Gottlieb observed.

“This president’s policies have weakened America both abroad and at home,” he added. “While he is obviously okay with leniency for convicted criminals, he’s been working overtime during his administration to make things tougher for people who haven’t been convicted of anything.”


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