Piers Morgan falsely claims UCLA shooter used a ‘machine gun’

Piers MorganPiers Morgan, the British subject and former Second Amendment-hating CNN talking head, once again displayed his rank ignorance on Twitter regarding the issue of guns when he falsely claimed in a tweet that former Ph.D student Mainak Sarkar used a machine gun when he killed his professor and himself at UCLA.

Dana Loesch, however, wasn’t having it and fired back:

In other words, the weapon used was a semi-automatic pistol, not a machine gun.  But Morgan, known to many conservatives as “Musket Morgan,” refused to be educated on the issue.

Actually, the pistol will fire as many times as the shooter can pull the trigger and reload.  It would also depend somewhat on how strong the shooter’s hand is, how much recoil the pistol produces, etc.

Loesch tried to get this across to Morgan, but to no avail.

Others tried to enlighten “Musket”:



No, because he’s (cue melodramatic fanfare) PIERS MORGAN, holder of all knowledge real and imagined…  And he hates the Second Amendment, which is all that matters.

Good question.  But Musket knows all, you see, because he knows someone in the military.

Apparently not so much, if he doesn’t know the difference between a semi-automatic pistol and a machine gun.  And doesn’t care to know the difference.

Besides, the reader should keep in mind that Morgan once called for 100 blind people to shoot at conservative pundits despite falsely claiming the NRA is made up of assassins. So it’s not like he hates gun ownership per se, it’s the type of people who support the right to keep and bear arms…

There’s actually a very big difference, Morgan.

Loesch let him have with both barrels, so to speak…


One person observed:

Not only that, but as Dave Workman noted earlier today, the UCLA shooting proves California’s strict gun control doesn’t work.  Nevertheless, state lawmakers want even more gun control because the laws already on the books are working so well…

And by the way, isn’t UCLA a gun-free zone?  Interesting that the vast majority of shootings take place in gun-free zones


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