Leftist DC Judge Lets Crazed Teen Gunman Free For THIS Stupid Reason

This same clown judge probably supports tougher gun control, too...

One of the big problems of the political left is how the their disjointed worldview conflicts with reality and even with other leftist ideas.

Inevitably, the left’s ironclad assumptions will be pressed against one another, for us to see what their REAL priorities are.

After all the hand-wringing we’ve heard about the misuse of firearms especially since about the time of Sandy Hook, you might begin to think that Democrats really do priorities victims of gun crime. But on closer inspection, they are very selective about their outrage.

The degree of outrage they will feel about any incident depends quite a lot which victims were affected by which gun crimes… and what identity boxes come into play with respect to both the aggressor and victim.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This case is no different. A Washington DC judge who describes himself as ‘woke’ has let someone who has been caught on camera walk on bail, despite unloading 26 rounds from THE scary black rifle the left loves to demonize in these situations. The rationale? Sure he shot 26 rounds at a car with 4 people inside… but he didn’t hit any of them.

We know who was holding the gun because it was caught on a doorbell cam.

Nobody was injured or killed in the shooting spree, which unfolded just over a mile from the US Capitol. Despite the chaos he allegedly caused, Nolan granted Moody pre-trial release and home arrest.

After his decision raised eyebrows, Fox News reported that his online presence included a post where he said he was ‘still woke’, and another where he donated to a fundraiser supporting a George Soros-backed professor.
After he allegedly opened fire, prosecutors say that Moody rushed back inside a nearby residence and disassembled the AR-15 and hid the pieces in the attic.
The concealed gun was only found after several searches by cops, and Moody was later charges with endangerment of a firearm, possession of a weapon and assault.
Residents on the street where Moody allegedly opened fire reacted with fury following Nolan’s ruling on May 3, which will also see Moody fitted with an ankle monitor and ordered to avoid the people he allegedly aimed at. — DailyMail

Any law-abiding gun owner would never DREAM at pointing a gun at anyone who was not an immediate threat to their life, and would never do so without the intent to preserve their own life at the expense of their attacker’s life.

Never point a gun at anything you do not wish to destroy. And yet, this punk was firing from his hip at a carload of people. Then he disassembled the gun and hid the parts in his attic.

What did the court have to say about this head-scratching ruling?

Following the backlash, the DC Court System said that the defense ‘relied heavily’ on Moody’s previously clean rap sheet, and he was provided educational support and community resources.
‘Judge Nolan conducted a very thorough hearing … and spoke directly with defendant about the consequences of violating any portion of the release conditions,’ a spokesperson told Fox News.
The court system spokesperson added that all defendants have ‘a presumption of innocence’, and the judge determined that his conditions ‘did ensure the safety of the defendant and the public.’ — DailyMail

So, if you’re rap sheet’s only at the Jayvee level, you can ‘litter the ground’ with shell casings and still get the benefit of the doubt, and convince the court that you had a bad home life or tha mommy didn’t love you, or whatever.

No school shooter would have gotten a pass like this one… not even if he failed to strike his victims.

This is the same ‘tough-on-crime’ neighborhood where grandmothers who stood on the law of the Captiol building on one January afternoon are facing prison time. But this guy sprays a carload of people with lead and he gets to walk the streets a free man?

If only there was some kind of clue as to what made this particular offender ‘special’ in the eyes of the woke judge… say a photo, perhaps?

This is exactly the kind of political-agenda-before-public-service nonsense we get when we keep trusting Democrats with positions of authority.

November’s coming.

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