Journalists wonder: Who asked Donald Trump the Muslim question?

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townhall-muslimIt seems that some in the so-called “mainstream media” are actually wondering who it was who asked Donald Trump the “Muslim” question.

Many think the person was a plant, and with good reason.  Now, Jake Tapper and others are wondering who this guy is…

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Yeah, funny…  They had no trouble digging up stuff on Joe the Plumber, if you recall that episode.


Tapper wasn’t the only one with questions:

As do a number of other people…

]And the million-dollar question:

How convenient…

Gee, ya think, Jake?  Please…

As we reported earlier, some, like the folks over at Twitchy, said the questioner was “Bill from White Plains,” a longtime caller into the Don Imus show:

Meanwhile, the Democrat-media complex is milking this whole thing for everything it’s worth, badgering every GOP candidate to admit that Obama’s a Christian.  Like that’s the number one issue affecting America right now…


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