NY Times: ‘Hillary, would you please shut up’ – No, let her speak

A member of the New York Times editorial board has suggested this week that Democratic Party icon Hillary Rodham Clinton back out of the spotlight so that her party’s candidates can be “talking health care and jobs and other issues of intense, personal concern to their electorate.”

The New York Times published an opinion piece this week that tried diplomatically to tell Hillary Clinton to be quiet.

It’s a polite way of telling an attention addict to shut up.

The plea comes days after Clinton caused an uproar by declaring that “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”

It was tantamount to advocating harassment of conservatives and Republicans, and it had a ripple effect.

Fox News picked up on the story, quoting media critic Jeffrey McCall, who observed, “it was probably hard for the Times to run this column, given its broad support for Hillary over the years.”

And the story also quoted Dan Gainor, vice president at the conservative Media Research Center, who remarked that it is “hilarious how The New York Times is trying to control the messaging for the Democrat Party.”

The same advice could probably go to other people, such as Rep. Maxine Waters, who earlier this year intimated to a crowd that they should confront members of the Trump administration.

Gainor got in another lick when he commented about the Clinton piece, “It’s also a great example of how the press is open on the editorial pages about what it is doing in the news pages — keeping the Democrat message on track.”

However, letting Clinton speak is the only way voters can fully realize not only her mindset, but that of the political Left, which has been on something of a tear ever since she lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump. It was her election to lose, according to most pundits, and she pulled it off by taking for granted the voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania while Trump worked those states hard.

She also did herself no favors by declaring war on gun owners and the National Rifle Association, and promising to put coal miners out of business.

Clinton has become the Left’s lightning rod; a walking example of the reason liberals need adult supervision two years into an administration they despise. But unlike the Clinton crybabies, conservatives did not hound or harass people in the Obama administration at restaurants or other venues.

Only Clinton can complain herself, and her party, into the spotlight where voters can see what is at stake in the looming midterms.

Newspapers, including the New York Times, constantly and correctly insist that the “people have a right to know.” The best way to fulfill that mission now is not to tell Clinton to shut up, but instead to open up.

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