Joe Rogan Gives Blistering Take on MSM’s Ignorance of Hunter Laptop Scandal

If there’s anyone who knows the ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs of the mainstream media, it’s Joe Rogan.

Currently one of the world’s most popular podcasters, Rogan had had a lengthy career in a number of different facets of the industry.  From fight commentator to standup comedian, and from network television host to political firebrand, Rogan has done it all.

Now, despite a number of recent controversies, Rogan’s take on the media landscape is as important as ever.

Podcast giant Joe Rogan took aim at the media’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election.

Rogan discussed recent censorship efforts on Saturday’s installment of “The Joe Rogan Experience” from YouTube taking down a podcast interview featuring former President Trump to the derailed free speech event at Yale Law School.

“They set a precedent and that precedent is you can stifle information that makes you uncomfortable, you can stifle discussions where people have points of view that you don’t agree with. And you think you’re right. So you think you should be able to stop those points of view. That is not the way to do it,” Rogan said. “It’s never been the way to do it. It’s a dangerous precedent to set because then when more power is acquired by whoever, whether it’s social media companies or the government or whoever the f— it is, they get to establish narrative and that narrative might not be honest. That’s a real problem. And the only way to find out what’s real and what’s not real, is to let people talk.”

And then, speaking on the Hunter Biden scandal directly:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The comedian-turned-podcast icon warned that if a “hardcore Putin-type leader” ever became the U.S. president, there could be a crackdown of “legitimate journalists that are exposing corruption,” which he then turned to the suppression of the New York Post’s bombshell reporting of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the final weeks of the 2020 election.

“And this is the problem that I had with, like, the New York Post article on the Biden- the Hunter Biden laptop being suppressed,” Rogan said. “It’s not that I’m a Trump supporter. I’m not I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t vote for any Republican ever in my life. But you’re looking at something that’s real information, and you’re hiding it from people because you don’t like the result that you think is going to come out of that information. That’s not- that’s not how we’re supposed to be doing things.”

Much like Joe Rogan, the truth doesn’t care if you like it or not, and the world would be wise to heed his advice on the industry that he knows as well as anyone else on the planet.

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