DREAMers threaten to leave U.S. if Congress doesn’t reach deal on DACA

While speaking to CNN, two so-called “DREAMers,” Alex and Daniela Velez, said they would leave the United States if Congress doesn’t craft a deal on DACA, the Daily Wire reported Thursday.

“Alex and I are both over this,” said 24-year-old Daniela. “If DACA ends, I will leave with Alex. I will close my business, leave work and school.”

According to CNN Money:

The Velez sisters are two of nearly 689,000 young adults who are currently protected from deportation under DACA. The Obama-era program allowed young Dreamers who were brought to the United States as children to come out from the shadows and enroll in college, obtain driver’s licenses and legally secure jobs.

In September, President Trump announced he would end DACA and left it up to Congress to come up with alternative legislation. But with less than a month until that March 5 expiration date, lawmakers and the Trump administration remain at an impasse.

Should they fail to put another option in place, 915 Dreamers will lose protection from deportation each day, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

According to the Daily Wire, the theory goes something like this: “…[I]f DREAMers suddenly disappear, Americans will notice their absence. Velez and her sister claim they own businesses, pay tuition, and hold jobs, and that America has a duty to keep them here in order to maintain their contributions.”

But, the Daily Wire added:

The problem is, for the Velez sisters, striking against the United States for refusing to accommodate them isn’t a plan with a likely payoff. The pair are undocumented citizens brought over by their parents from Venezuela, and the situation in their home country is less than ideal.

The United States Congress may be taking its time renewing the DACA Act, but Venezuela is currently crumbling under a dictator — so the theory that they’d return to a more awesome place to show President Trump what he’s missing might not pan out.

Gee, ya think?

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Except for one minor detail:  The two DREAMers in the CNN article don’t have to go back to Venezuela if they choose to leave.  It turns out they have dual citizenship for Ecuador and Venezuela, CNN said.  And guess where they intend to go?

“Daniela and I will go to Ecuador and start over with my family there,” Alex told CNN. “At least we will feel safe with family by our side.”


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