‘Burn it down’: Michael Ian Black, others use Gatlinburg fire to attack Trump supporters

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Gatlinburg -- Twitter -- hatemongers
Gatlinburg – Twitter

Scratch a liberal, find a hatemonger.  On Tuesday, actor Michael Ian Black and others used the tragic Gatlinburg, Tennessee, fire to issue messages of hate against Trump supporters.

“When Trump supporters voted to “burn it all down,” I bet they didn’t think it would start with Tennessee,” Black wrote.

Twitchy said the tweet disappeared even as they were writing up their post, but they did get a screen capture of the offensive message:

Black tweetHe wasn’t the only one to express this sentiment.  This message, which appears to have been deleted, was also making the rounds on Twitter:

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Gatlinburg tweet

Black backed off his hateful message and claimed it was a joke.  We’re still waiting for the punch line…

He explained:

Right.  Because an entire town engulfed in flames is a real knee-slapper, right?

Insensitive doesn’t even begin to describe this.

One person noted:

Another critic added:


A search of Twitter also found that many were upset with the Clinton News Network for obsessing about Trump’s tweets while ignoring the fact that an city is on fire:


Not that they really care, but I think they lost all credibility a long time ago.

One person advised:

Good advise…

As a final note, Black turned the conversation — if it can be called that — to racism and his view that people who voted for Trump are white supremacists:

Nothing more need be said at this point…


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)


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