Al Gore: ‘Terminate’ Trump presidency for ‘ethical reasons’

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Does former Vice President Al Gore want Donald Trump murdered?  While speaking at the University of Maryland’s commencement ceremony on Sunday, Gore said the Trump presidency should be “terminated early” for “ethical reasons.”

“And I get it,” he told the audience of 7,500. “There are — I know — a great many supporters of President Trump,” Gore said to cheers from supporters. “I do understand that. As one of his supporters put it on television, he said, ‘The way I look at it, Donald Trump is chemotherapy for America.’

“Well,” Gore said, smiling, “in medicine and science, some experiments are terminated early for ethical reasons.” That statement sparked cheers from the younger audience.

“I don’t know that that will be the case, and I do not predict it,” he added. “But I do know that whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or an independent, the salvation of our democracy — for those who support Trump or oppose Trump or those who want other candidates or not — the salvation of our democracy is with the American people, and most especially with your generation.”

He continued: “Very seriously, I am also here to recruit you. Your generation has a mission ahead of it. I hope that you will find the will to succeed, and for those who don’t that you do, I will repeat that in America, the will to succeed is itself a renewable resource.”

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The Baltimore Sun noted:

The graduates were mixed on the heavy political tone.

“I loved the shade at Trump,” said Alexis Hickson, a 22-year-old from Yorktown, N.Y.

But 24-year-old Niko Fedkin said while he appreciated the encouragement, and even the push for increased voter turnout, he didn’t think the rhetoric about democracy being at risk was fair.

“It’s up to who you ask,” the Pennsylvania native said. “I think he went a little bit far.”

Gore’s violent rhetoric comes on the heels of a statement by Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe who said, “If you’re going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill,” while discussing Trump’s impeachment on CNN.

It’s enough to make one think liberals really do want a second bloody civil war over Donald Trump.

Exit question: How long will it be before some unhinged leftist actually tries to assassinate Trump, based on the violent rhetoric from radicals like Al Gore?

Here’s video of Gore’s speech.  The relevant portion starts at about the 20 minute mark:


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