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Liberal Fusion demands: ‘No white men over 55’ as debate moderators

Scratch a liberal, find a bigot, the saying goes.  On Friday, the left-wing Fusion posted an op-ed by executive editor Dodai Stewart and editor-in-chief...

Video: ‘White people go to the back of the crowd’

Message to white folks, "You will not have a say all up in here." Martin Luther King, Jr. may have died many years ago, but...

CNN political reporter: ‘Law and order’ has ‘racist undertone’

To liberals, everything is racist, even the mention of "law and order."  Appearing on Tuesday's edition of CNN's "Inside Politics," senior political reporter Nia-Malika...

Hillary Clinton Blames All White People

The textbook definition of prejudice is to make a blanket and all-encompassing judgement against any person(s), place(s) or idea(s) without exception and without having...

Facebook bans user for 30 days over post decrying anti-Semitism

It seems that despite all the assurances we've heard from Facebook executives and spokespeople, the beatings continue on the social media site now known...

Cops called on third-grader accused of racism for talking about brownies

The stupidity taking place in our public schools took a bizarre twist earlier this month when police were called to deal with an incident...

Gator kills young boy, feminist blames ‘white entitlement’

Liberalism, as I've repeatedly said, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Case in point: A prominent feminist going by the name "Brienne of...

CDC: Racism, homophobia in southern states causing rise of HIV

On Saturday, the Daily Caller reported that a report recently issued by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that "racism" and "homophobia" among southerners may be causing IV rates in the South to be disproportionately high among African-Americans and homosexuals.

The insanity continues: Now trees in national parks are racist

Now, trees in national parks are racist and remind blacks of lynchings in the days of slavery according to Mickey Fearn, the National Park Service Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance (try saying that 10 times real fast...).

Susan Rice: Too many whites in government jobs endangering national security

While speaking at Florida International University's commencement on Wednesday, Obama national security adviser Susan Rice said there are too many white people in key government positions and this endangers national security because they allegedly think alike.

California nixes John Wayne Day over claims of racism

For liberals, everything is racist, even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and same-day shipping. We can now add John Wayne to the ever-growing list of things liberals view as racist.

Scripps College ‘Unofficial Survival Guide’ says ‘hatred of white people’ legitimate

A 217-page "Unofficial Scripps Survival Guide" created by two students at Scripps College says that "hatred of white people" is a "legitimate response to oppression," Campus Reform reported Tuesday.