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Gator kills young boy, feminist blames ‘white entitlement’

Liberalism, as I've repeatedly said, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Case in point: A prominent feminist going by the name "Brienne of...

CDC: Racism, homophobia in southern states causing rise of HIV

On Saturday, the Daily Caller reported that a report recently issued by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that "racism" and "homophobia" among southerners may be causing IV rates in the South to be disproportionately high among African-Americans and homosexuals.

The insanity continues: Now trees in national parks are racist

Now, trees in national parks are racist and remind blacks of lynchings in the days of slavery according to Mickey Fearn, the National Park Service Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance (try saying that 10 times real fast...).

Susan Rice: Too many whites in government jobs endangering national security

While speaking at Florida International University's commencement on Wednesday, Obama national security adviser Susan Rice said there are too many white people in key government positions and this endangers national security because they allegedly think alike.

California nixes John Wayne Day over claims of racism

For liberals, everything is racist, even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and same-day shipping. We can now add John Wayne to the ever-growing list of things liberals view as racist.

Scripps College ‘Unofficial Survival Guide’ says ‘hatred of white people’ legitimate

A 217-page "Unofficial Scripps Survival Guide" created by two students at Scripps College says that "hatred of white people" is a "legitimate response to oppression," Campus Reform reported Tuesday.

Liberals want to investigate jurors for racial bias if they convict...

The race-baiting on the left just took on a whole new -- and creepy -- dimension. Not content with spotting racism in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or dry asparagus, they now want to investigate jurors for racial bias if they convict criminals in a court of law.

Evil Harry Reid blames McConnell’s non-existent racist birtherism for rejection of...

On Thursday morning, "Dingy" Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader our readers once said was both evil and mentally unstable, took to Twitter to spew his vile hate over social media, proving once again that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.

Hillary caters to the BLM for votes while BLM Co-Founder calls...

Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton has decided that if she wants to win with this year’s 2016 presidential election, she must act as if...

Trump demands Cruz stop negative ads, threatens to sue over eligibility

Responding to ads put out by the Cruz campaign, Trump demanded Cruz "clean up his act," stop his negative attacks, and his alleged "cheating." Failure to do so, he threatened, gives him standing to sue the Texas Republican over his eligibility to run for the White House.

New York taxpayers fund ‘Killing Republicans’ musical

Taxpayers in New York city and state might like to know that their hard-earned money is helping to fund a musical production entitled, "Killing Republicans."

Students Sign Petition Banning “White Christmas”

Dan Joseph of MRC TV asked college students to sign a petition to ban Irving Berlin's best known composition, "White Christmas" sung by Bing...