New book, ‘Hating Jesus,’ unmasks the left’s war on Christianity

On Monday, Matt Barber, founder and Editor-in Chief of BarbWire.com and Associate Dean of the Liberty University School of Law, announced an explosive new book that reveals how the radical left is working to undermine and destroy Christianity.

Press attacks Trump on gun rights while covering for Clinton

The Baltimore Sun and Washington Post both launched editorials attacking Donald Trump for his position on guns—primarily his allegation that Hillary Rodham Clinton would...


Audio: Does Facebook Enable Islamic Jihad?

Does Facebook actually enable Islamic jihad? It's a question posed to CFL writer Joe Newby in two radio interviews on Monday. Joe is teaming...

French police beaten, attacked by migrant mobs

French police have been beaten and attacked by rioting migrants, and are leaving the police force in droves. At least 300 of the men...