Woke Student Org Tells Victims Of Migrant Sex Offender Not To Complain, Citing “Racism” (Video)

(Natural News) A woke organization of students in the German capital Berlin urged women repeatedly harassed by a migrant sex offender not to call the police for fear of racism.

The left-wing General Students’ Committee (AStA) at the Free University of Berlin (FUB) warned victims via an email not to report the offender. It added that the female victims should be wary of appearing racist and putting the sex offender at risk. According to news reports, the said suspect has been sexually harassing female students for weeks around the FUB campus.

“We would like to point out that police operations for people affected by racism are generally associated with an increased risk of experiencing police violence,” the email stated, adding that most police officers are not sufficiently trained in dealing with psychologically exceptional situations.

The AStA’s email reiterated that students should instead contact the FBU’s security service or the social psychiatric service instead of law enforcement, as “the concern here is obviously less for the potential victim than for the perpetrator.”

Members of the left-leaning AStA are elected separately by the FBU student parliament for a period of one year each. They have a mission to “support and defend” the interests of students inside and outside the university. This time, however, it appears that the AStA has chosen to put the interest of the pro-migrant socialists who commit crime instead of students they are tasked to protect.

But according to commentator Martin Brodel, this “do nothing” approach from “woke authorities” gives rise to vigilantes that dish out much-delayed justice. (Related: INSANE: Austrian authorities charge woman for stabbing Syrian migrant who tried to RAPE her.)

“That’s why people take things into their own hands,” he exasperatingly said. “So what’s a girl to do? One of the things would be to go to your male friends. And if they’re willing to, they’ll take care of him. It’s been done many times before.”

Merkel’s open borders policy to blame

Cases of sexual harassment by migrants, including the one that targeted FUB students, were driven by the open borders policy espoused by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015.

“As the world watched in awe [in 2015], new faces were welcomed into Germany with balloons and banners proclaiming ‘We love refugees.’ In a rallying cry to her nation, Merkel declared in the [fall] of 2015: ‘We can do this. We are strong and can manage it,’” stated an October 2020 piece in the Daily Mail penned by Sue Reid.

According to Reid, the open borders policy stemmed from Merkel’s desire “to help those fleeing war-racked Syria.”

“The problem was that Syrians were not alone in asking for sanctuary. Many migrants, including jihadists and economic opportunists, pretended to be Syrian refugees. They came in under the radar as the number queuing to get to Germany grew each day.”

Dutch activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali pointed out the consequences of Germany, and Europe at large, pandering to the Left’s concerns about racism over the bigger issue of migrant sexual crimes in a February 2021 piece for the New York Post.

“In Europe, the multicultural approach has frequently meant turning a blind eye to human rights abuses such as female genital mutilation and child marriages. After all, why take a risk of causing offense? Why risk being viewed as racist?” she wrote.

“This makes any discussion of sexual violence by non-white immigrants almost impossible, to the extent that one invites cancelation by even mentioning it.”

Watch Martin Brodel share his thoughts on the AStA warning against any complaints of sexual harassment below.

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