Tucker Carlson SHREDS Liberal Propagandist During Interview On ‘Polarization And Trust In News’ (Video)

That interview probably didn’t go as expected…

Journo Twitter was abuzz on Thursday after the pre-launch event for Semafor, a new global media startup created by former Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith and ex-New York Times Media columnist Ben Smith.

Smith — that would be Justin, not Ben — describes Semafor as “a new kind of global news media company that serves unbiased journalism to a truly global audience.”

According to Deadline, Ben Smith said that he joined because “There are 200 million people who are college-educated, who read in English, but who no one is really treating like an audience, but who talk to each other and talk to us. That’s who we see as our audience.”

The pre-launch event included the Washington Post’s latest dumpster fire, crybully Taylor Lorenz that they obtained from the New York Times after her awful, lazy “reporting” led to a defamation lawsuit against her and the former newspaper; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Wesley Lowery, the creator of the Washington Post Police Fatal Force database that tracks deadly police shootings and ironically goes against the approved narrative but did lead to better data collection by law enforcement agencies; and Politico co-founder John Harris, who said earlier this year on the 15th anniversary of his media empire, “I led the revolution against journalistic institutions. Now I think we need to build them back up,” adding, “establishment media was losing its power to set an agenda while individual journalists were gaining it. Over the next 15 years, the institutions need to reclaim ground.” Harris says this now that Politico is a mainstream outlet. Of course.

The Way Too Online Lib Journo crowd were in a tizzy over the last 20 minutes of the Semafor pre-launch event because it included an interview with… Tucker Carlson.

Clearly, Semafor was interviewing the King of Cable News to get some attention since his fans on the right might tune in and his detractors on the left would hate-watch.

Well, it worked.

Ben Smith, Semafor co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, interviewed the Fox News host who appeared remotely from what looks like a closet.

Before beginning the interview, Carlson said that he was happy to hear that Smith had been “tough on Taylor Lorenz” and joked that he hoped that Smith “checked his privilege” because she can be very sensitive.

“You’ll let me ask questions and not steamroll me because you’re a professional,” responded Smith.

Clearly, Smith saw what was coming and proceeded anyway.

But let’s be frank… Smith deserved it with the sorts of questions he was asking.

The first question to Tucker was whether he thought that white people were superior to other races. Tucker chuckled and replied, “No, of course not!”

It went downhill from there as an awkward Ben Smith continued to query Carlson on race and occasionally interrupted him as he tried to respond.

Here is Smith asking Carlson if he thinks that white people have some “claim on America” that other races don’t.

Smith then played an extremely short clip of Tucker Carlson Tonight where he used the phrase “Great Replacement Theory” and asked condescendingly Carlson what he meant by the term “legacy Americans”.

Tucker explained exactly what he meant, “people who were born here — black people, white people, Hispanic people, Asian people. People who are citizens. People who have generationally invested into our system. And a lot of them don’t buy the program of the modern Democratic Party because it doesn’t serve them. And so, the center of the Democratic electoral strategy going forward — I’m not guessing, they talk about it constantly; you’re a journalist, you must’ve noticed — is to bring in new people who will vote for them.”

Smith attempts the interrupt but Carlson continues, “This is not something that I made up or found on the internet, I don’t even really go on the internet. This is something that Democrats, including the architect of Obama’s last victory, have talked about at great lengths in pieces, monographs, on television — they’ve written books about it. So this is not some crackpot Alex Jones theory. This is central strategy of the Democratic Party, so to be like, ‘I can’t believe you said that!’ I’m quoting it back to them!”

Smith couldn’t let it go, however. and asked “how many generations makes you a ‘legacy American’?”

Carlson responded, “People who live here now including immigrants.”

Smith continued to press the point and ask if Tucker had any empathy for someone who sees the brief clip and whose grandparents are from India, China, are Jewish and don’t feel that they are included in Tucker’s view of America. Tucker replied that he doesn’t feel empathy for “people who derive their judgments about anything based on 30-second clips on Media Matters.”

“I do an hour live every single night. If you want to know what I think, I don’t know that there is anyone who is more transparent about it than I am. Not all of my views are correct. Not all of them are attractive. You may laugh at some of them, you may be offended by others, but I’m very clear about what I think,” said Carlson.

He continued, “I believe that people are not the sum total of their genetics. I say that constantly, and as a Christian, I really mean it. I actually buy the kind of Dr. Seuss — please — version of race understanding, which is, ‘Judge a person by what he does, not by how he looks.’ I actually believe that. I grew up in Southern California in the 70s, and I say it constantly.”

Smith then says that Carlson has been “fly paper” for white supremacists and then if he felt that he had been “discriminated against as a white Protestant” since former Fox News head, Roger Ailes, allegedly had a preference for Irish Catholics. Carlson laughs off the latter question and dismisses the former saying that he’s never even met a white supremacist.

Carlson replies that he hasn’t felt discriminated against because he doesn’t believe in wallowing in self-pity.

“Self-pity is the root of misery. So I really try not to feel self-pity. I really have no grounds for it, anyway. I have had a wonderful life. I have an unusually happy family, I live where I want, I say what I want. You know, I’m blessed, unlike a lot of journalists who are leading miserable lives.”

Carlson then lays out exactly what he believes.

“I do believe in fairness, and I don’t think that you should ever hire someone on the basis of their race or sex that’s grotesque to me. It’s a violation of the basic promise of the country which is, ‘We’re going to bring people from around the world. They may look different, be from different backgrounds, but we’re going to treat them all the same.’ Which is to say, specifically on the basis of their ability and their virtue — on the choices they make, not on the genes they have. That’s Nazi sh*t. I’m against that,” said Carlson.

Smith tried to change the subject to January 6, but Carlson wasn’t having it.

Here’s what happened:

Later, Smith basically asks if Fox News is “Trump TV” by posing the question about Tucker’s ability to “go negative on Trump in a really sustained way.”

Near the end of the interview, Smith asks if Tucker Carlson is planning on running for President.

It’s really worth watching the entire thing.

One YouTuber posted the full interview here along with the chat and some brief commentary.

The full “>”official” interview video can only be viewed on YouTube. We are including the link in case the above video is removed due to copyright.

So much more was said that couldn’t be covered. Carlson reiterated how he thinks that the socialization of everything is a big problem and he sees people as individuals who are much more than just their race. And yet.. Smith continued to push that he was some secret white supremacist or something.

Well, Semafor, good luck with that “unbiased journalism” plan you’ve got.

It looks like this interview alone blew up that claim.


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