Wrong Bar – FL-Anti-Trump Protesters vs US Marines

fl anti-trump protesters
Screenshot of protest in Ybor City

Ybor City in Tampa, FL – A group of FL anti-Trump protesters made a serious error in judgment when they marched into an Irish pub where several Marines were hanging out. Once they started shouting, “Dump Trump,” it almost became a “donneybrook.” That’s Irish talk for ‘holy cow things went south in a hurry.’

It all happened Thursday night at around 7:30 p.m. when the protesters walked along a street in an historic Tampa neighborhood that had many bars and restaurants.

Update: Here’s the video of Marines and their responses:

ABC news reported,

Is America headed for a recession?

“Police had to create a human barrier between the opposing groups as members on both sides screamed obscenities and gave each other the middle finger.  

Anti- Trump protesters chanted “dump Trump” as people in the bar cheered “U.S.A” over and over. After some tense minutes the protesters kept on with their march the Trump supporters yelled “you walked into the wrong bar!”

Tampa police used the street car and their mounted bike patrols to keep protesters from marching to the interstate.  Except for the brief run in with the Trump supporters the rally was peaceful and there were no reports of any arrests.”

Humorous, don’t you think?  The Marines shouted “Go Trump” (among other things) at protesters, and eventually the group left.

ABC News interviewed one of the protesters, who said they were feeling “marginalized” after the election.

First of all, President-elect Trump is to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Secondly, November 11 is Veteran’s Day. The protesters were asking for trouble by using their anti-Trump message anywhere around a group of pro-Trump people,  particularly US Marines.

When ABC spoke to one of the pro-Trump parties at the bar, he told them the truth- they are uninformed about what’s really going on.

“I think they don’t really know the issues. I think that they are misinformed they followed, sorry, but the regular media and don’t know the real story.” Johnny Gomes

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