Palestinian flag raised over New Jersey city hall, hundreds cheer

Palestinian-flag-New-JerseyOn Sunday, the Palestinian flag was raised over City Hall in Clifton, New Jersey — one of several communities to do so.  And, reported, hundreds cheered.

According to the report:

“This is about pride, the flag means a lot to the Palestinian people,” said Ken Abuassab, the founder of the American Arab Civic Organization, adding that he is working to add another municipality to the list of those honoring the Palestinian people with flag raisings next year.

The ceremony, which was co-sponsored by the Palestinian American Community Center and the Arab American Civic Organization, was a lively affair. Children laughed and scrambled across the lawn flying large Palestinian flags, and people were decked from head to toe in green, white, black and red clothing.

Women garbed in colorful hijabs and embroidered dresses and men in keffiyehs also excitedly tossed up the flags during songs that were blared over loudspeakers.

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Institute, wasn’t impressed.

“What next, a Nazi flag?” she asked.  “This flag is a symbol of Islamic Jew-hatred. It’s the flag of Jewish annihilation.”

And it looks as though it’s going to become an annual event, according to the report:

Councilwoman Lauren Murphy, who organizers said was instrumental in helping secure the flag raising, said it was obvious the flag should be raised because Palestinians have become a major part of the Clifton community. The Palestinian flag raising will now be among several that the city holds each year, city officials said.

 “I’m supportive of them as a group – they deserve to be treated with respect by the city,” she said.

Geller responded: “Genocidal Jew-hatred and celebrations of the murders of Israeli civilians: respect it!”



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