What Country No Longer Has a Single Liberal in Their Government?

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question-701-question-mark-design (1)The fact that such a large country could have kicked every liberal out of its federal government is huge, but in this country it’s huger.  That’s because they hold representative elections and a liberal party would only need to get 8% in any district to get members in their legislature and they couldn’t even do that.

Ten years ago liberals ran the country.  Which probably explains why they were thrown out on their collective keesters.

So, what country are we talking about?  Poland.  Their citizens decided enough was enough and now conservatives rule the roost.  One moderate party was able to seat just a couple of members while over 99% of the leaders are conservative.  Most of those seats went to two parties.  The  Law and Justice party and the Civic Platform party.  Both groups are socially conservative and are policy conservatives, although they do have some differences.

If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, many US citizens could seek asylum in Poland, but unfortunately they will no longer be taking in immigrants, although they might make an exception for the well-heeled who want to start businesses.

In the meantime, while I sleep, I will dream of a country totally free of all liberals and one that doesn’t have groups like Black Lies Matter or Hillary’s Lies Don’t Matter.

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