Video: FBI director admits others would face sanctions for what Hillary did

Comey admits others would be sanctioned for what Clinton did.On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced that “crooked” Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for the White House, would be given a free pass for endangering national security and other actions that would send others to jail.

Making the situation even more maddening, however, is the fact that he ADMITTED others would face sanctions for what she did.

How brazen can these people get?

Here’s video of his comment:

“To be clear this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions but that’s not what we’re deciding now.”

Translation: Laws are for the little people, they’re not for people related to William Jefferson Blythe Clinton…

Which means they’re not for Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make” Clinton.

In short, he proved Donald Trump was correct when he said the system is rigged.

Feel better now?

Just think — if she’s this crooked and incompetent now, imagine how bad she’ll be in the White House?


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