Trump Did It Again — Grab Some Popcorn And Your Favorite Beverage

Trump did it again. Remember in the year 2000 when Bush vs. Gore was a disputed election? Guess who was on Bush’s legal defense team? Current Chief Justice John Roberts, Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

Sound familiar? That’s because they’re all now Supreme Court Justices, two of which were picked by Trump.

Do you ‘get it’ yet? This is multi-dimensional chess years in the making. Trump knew this would be a contested election, and he picked the Bush lawyers as Supreme Court Judges each chance he got. After all, they did get Bush the presidency.

How the heck does he do it? How does he play 4D chess years in advance? Is he a time traveler?

This whole time, liberals have been playing Go Fish on a chess board.

That’s because they’re too stupid to think beyond their noses, and it is why their plan for a coup will fail.

It will SUCK to be a Democrat in the coming weeks. We are about to witness the utter destruction of the American democrat party and you have a front row seat to watch it.

Grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage. President Trump is providing you with entertainment all the while he is destroying the most corrupt political party in American history.

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