“Catastrophic Illiteracy” Among College/University Students

Is it time to defund these radical schools entirely?

Change is required to save US colleges and universities from total failure. Studies are revealing that students have “catastrophic illiteracy” when it comes to basic understanding of history and political institutions in the US. And yet, the Biden administration continues to cancel student debt to the tune of nearly a trillion dollars. Taxpayers are paying for these institutions TWICE – once to cancel the debt and once to send their kids to attend them.

If colleges and universities aren’t teaching anything worthwhile, what’s the point of sending students there?

“ISI has surveyed over 28,000 undergraduates from over 80 separate colleges, and the average score on our basic 60-question civic literacy exam was about a 54%, an “F.” …

College-educated adults were particularly ignorant of the Founding and Civil War eras, constitutional themes, and the essential features of a market economy…

The simple yet profound lesson to draw from all of ISI’s civic literacy reports is if the American Academy truly wants to produce engaged and public-spirited citizens, the best thing for them to do is spend more time educating and less time indoctrinating.

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute

The Marxist oppressor/victim mentality

Students have been indoctrinated even as young as kindergarten that America is evil and founded on slavery. DEI is rampant and teaches things that are tearing the nation apart by creating hatred and anger. Classes that include ‘Social Justice’ grants students credit for activism instead of academics. Marxist and terrorist ideas rule the campuses.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

It’s why we have idiotic responses like ‘AOC created The New Deal’ instead of Franklin Roosevelt. (Confusing it with AOC’s horrific “Green New Deal”). The answers of students and even adults in questions regarding how long Senators serve or the names of their state Reps and Senators are appalling and yes, it’s “catastrophic illiteracy.” Some of them can’t even name our first President, or what the 4th of July is all about.

Elite Ivy League schools are no longer “elite” – they are actually dangerous. Families pay through the nose for education of their kids, only to see them end up in antisemitic pro-terrorist demonstrations. It’s our money they’re siphoning into a black hole.

catastrophic illiteracy
Screenshot of Cornell University

Hostility and threats

“I just encountered a lot of hostility when I do express my identity and my pride in it.” Amanda Silberstein, Jewish student at Cornell. (Fox)

Jewish students have to hide in places where the haters can’t reach them. The so-called ‘protesters’ have no idea of the history of what their ‘protests’ are for because they’ve never heard anything but lies. Ignorance is a pandemic across college campuses. And it’s ignorance with dangerous threats and attacks. It truly is “catastrophic illiteracy,” and it threatens the very fabric of the nation by instituting Soviet-style thought.

During the Hamas campus riots, we’ve seen a professor insist that she couldn’t be arrested because she was an academic and at UCLA, a bearded student being arrested during the pro-terror riots shouted, “I’m an English major” as if that made him immune to law enforcement.

But if it wasn’t Hamas, it would be BLM, abortion, the environment or some other cause…

Do we as a society need to be spending hundreds of billions of dollars on this failed system?

The four-year college is a miserable failure. If wealthy families want to subsidize a liberal arts education for their kids at Yale or Columbia, they’re more than welcome to, but the rest of us should not be stuck with the bill. The vast majority of professions do not need degrees, they require training and competence: two things a college degree no longer assures employers of.”  Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Mag

The vast majority of colleges and universities are riddled with people who embrace Marxist and pro-terrorist ideas. Let’s pull the funding from these colleges and universities until or if the tide changes in favor of truth. The education mill is churning out students with “catastrophic illiteracy.”


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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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