This Beatdown of Chuck Schumer By James Woods Is Going to Leave a Mark

New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer took the opportunity to blast President Trump for revoking security clearances or threatening to revoke them, equating him to a dictator.

It took conservative actor James Woods all of one tweet to explain to him that the comparison is ridiculous, which, as we’ve reported several times here, is not unusual.  Anyone who follows Woods on Twitter knows that he not only has a singular wit, he has an uncanny ability to knock liberal talking points out of the ball park without even breaking a sweat.

From the Senate floor, Schumer declared: “The abuse of the powers of public office to silence critics, punish political enemies is exactly what goes on in dictatorships in banana republics.”

The senator was addressing the situation with former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director John Brennan being stripped of his security clearance by the President.

Woods offered his take on such a claim, reminding Schumer of what really happens in a dictatorship.


Senator Rand Paul originally demanded Brennan have his security clearance revoked because he allegedly had been profiting off of it, divulging secrets in his role as an analyst in the media. President Trump finally agreed to do so last week.

Schumer didn’t quite see it as a means to clean up the mess created by Obama-era officials, instead referring to it as a “gratuitous act of political retribution taken out of spite and malice.”

“It was an attempt to silence critics of the president, something the president regularly tries to do usually unsuccessfully,” he said.

Schumer keeps using that word ‘dictator,’ but I don’t think he knows what it means.  Perhaps someone should send him a dictionary.

Meanwhile, the President continues to clean house, threatening to remove other corrupt officials security clearances, including Bruce Ohr and James Clapper.

He also went after former Intelligence Official Phillip Mudd, following his unhinged rant in which the now-CNN panelist berated a black Trump supporter and ordered him off the set when he dared to confront him with facts.

Trump did, however, deny a report that he had considered revoking Barack Obama’s access to intelligence briefings.

The Political Insider is currently running a poll asking if you believe Obama’s security clearance should be revoked. What do you think?

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