SF Sheriff Who Released Katie Steinle’s Killer Soundly Defeated

mirkarimiSheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the pro-sanctuary city supporter who freed the killer of Katie Steinle, was soundly defeated in his bid for re-election.  The final count was decisive, with Mirkarimi receiving only 32.9 percent of the vote.

Hennessy is also a sanctuary supporter but claimed that criminals like the one who killed Steinle would never be protected under her leadership.  Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez should never have been in Mirkarimi’s control to begin with.

Image source: Screen grab via SF Elections

For some strange reason, he asked the federal government to turn over Lopez-Sanchez, claiming he had a valid warrant for his arrest.  He didn’t.  The marijuana-related charge was already past the statute of limitations by over a decade.  Mirkarimi then released Lopez-Sanchez, who went on to kill Steinle, despite the fact that the feds had an order of detainer on him.

Hennessy says her first act as sheriff will be to lift the gag order that prevents police from communicating with federal immigration officials.  The ban prevented the SF police from discussing the status of any illegal alien, which means they wouldn’t know the reasons the illegals were being deported and it also kept the federal authorities of being notified when an illegal was slated for release, so they could take custody.

“I would have never written that policy.  He was not part of the community.  He was a serial offender who had committed multiple felonies.”

Mirkarimi also had other problems.  He had been charged with domestic violence after he struck his wife.  Those charges were later dropped.  He was not permitted to carry a weapon after multiple failures to pass the marksman test.  And finally, he had his driver’s license revoked over an incident he had while driving a police vehicle.

This should be a wake call for all sanctuary city supporters.  Their support for criminal illegal aliens could cost them their job.


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