Stupid white liberals apologize for being white in video: ‘We suck and we’re sorry’

stupidwhiteguyIt seems that Michael Savage was right when he said that liberalism is a mental disorder.

A bizarre two-minute video put together by Stephen Parkhurst shows white guys actually apologizing for being white.  Seriously.  And no, this is not a Saturday Night Live skit or something from the Onion.

The YouTube description reads:

“First Millennials apologized, now straight white dudes are taking a turn. It’s not that we’re against inequality, we just can’t relate to it. That’s all.”

“I agree. You suck, and you ARE sorry; sorry excuses for men,” one person wrote at YouTube.

“[I’m] a white straight male and I refuse to even accept the concept of ‘communal guilt,'” another person added.

Welcome to Obama’s America.

Video below: