Story that Gorsuch was leader of ‘Fascism Forever’ club debunked as ‘false’

Judge Neil Gorsuch has been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. (Screen capture YouTube, White House)

Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, was reported to have allegedly been founder and president of a “Fascism Forever” club in high school according to the British DailyMail.com.  The purpose of the club was to combat the faculty’s liberalism and to make them very, very mad. This new “revelation” will cause the left to have a hate storm and there’s nothing liberals like better than a hate storm.

There’s only one problem with the Daily Mail report.  Turns out it’s not entirely true.  In fact, the “club” never really existed and was a joke.

According to the American Magazine:

He wrote that he founded and led the “Fascism Forever Club,” though those with knowledge of the school back in the 1980s say there was no such club. The mention of it in the yearbook was a tongue-in-cheek attempt to poke fun at liberal peers who teased him about his fierce conservatism.

It was “a total joke,” said Steve Ochs, a history teacher at Georgetown Prep who was the student government advisor during Mr. Gorsuch’s junior and senior years at the Bethesda, Md., school.

“There was no club at a Jesuit school about young fascists,” he told America. “The students would create fictitious clubs; they would have fictitious activities. They were all inside jokes on their senior pages.”

Even Snopes, a liberal “fact-check” site we’ve had issues with before, called the report “false,” saying that “we contacted Georgetown Preparatory School to verify whether a ‘Fascism Forever’ club operated in or around that school in 1985, and director of communications Patrick Coyle told us that ‘no such club ever existed’ there.”

Got that?  Nevertheless, the false narrative and the fake news continues to percolate throughout the liberal hate and propaganda machine.

Gorsuch is facing a battle with Senate Democrats and the media over his confirmation. The public relations push is portraying him as anti-everything good and holy under the lunatic left sun. This means he doesn’t want minorities to vote, loves dirty drinking water and sides with big business interests who want nothing better than to exploit families with small children. He probably wants them dead, too.

The DailyMail also notes that in his yearbook Gorsuch stated that he was a “lousy Spanish student” which means he couldn’t care less about speaking Spanish because as a conservative, probably hates Spanish people or Hispanic people (I object to the latter term by the way, “Hispanic?” No “Herspanic?” can’t stand patriarchy, hate it!). They also reveal that his mother smoked two packs of Marlboro cigarettes a day which is exactly what a lot of Nazi’s did and it’s also important to note that Marlboro colors of red and white are prominent on Confederate flags.

Faux Native-American Senator Elizabeth Warren (Dem) and Bernie Sanders (Socialist) are the wing of the Democrat party to which other Senate Democrats will have to either side with or face defeat in the mid-term elections. In 2018, twenty-five Democrats face reelection as opposed to eight Republicans. Democrat seats in red states cannot afford to be too much in opposition to Trump at this early stage which means Gorsuch is likely to be confirmed since all he needs is eight Democrat votes to end a filibuster. It’s a bad time for the left. Probably for all mankind…um, they-kind.


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