Sexist Alabama lawmaker: ‘Lady teachers’ can’t be armed because they’re ‘scared of guns’

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Where’s the outrage from the feminist left?  On Monday, 100 Percent Fed Up says lawmakers in Alabama criticized the idea of armed teachers in schools because most are women and are “scared of guns.”

According to the report:

Speaking during a Alabama House committee hearing on Thursday, Republican state Rep. Harry Shiver said, “We don’t need to have a lady teacher in a school that’s got a firearm. I taught for 32 years, and it is mostly ladies that’s teaching, and they got more things to worry about than a gun.”

Democratic state Rep. Mary Moore backed up Mr. Shiver’s comments, saying, “You could go to four or five schools in a row, and there’s not one male in any of those schools to do much of anything,” NBC affiliate WSFA reported.

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“And you know why these superintendents do that?” she asked. “They will hire a female over a male teacher because they say it’s easier to control a female teacher.”

Lawmakers were discussing a bill, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Will Ainsworth, that would allow school systems to designate trained teachers and administrators to carry guns on school campuses, reported. The Public Safety Committee approved the bill Thursday morning.

“Even though it’s up to each teacher to decide on being armed, this sexist guy is living in the dark ages. Women are VERY capable of arming themselves!” the post said.

We agree.

More on this, here.


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