DC Gulag

Jan 6 Political Prisoners

Antifa and BLM rampaged through the United States in 2020 with little or no consequences, and the backing of the Democrats and Mainstream Media. But the Jan 6 prisoners that the media and Joe Biden call “insurrectionists” have languished in  what’s being called the “DC Gulag,” subjected to brutal treatment and torture by guards on a regular basis. An article in The Epoch Times was eye-opening.

“I am telling you. If my husband takes his life over this, there will be hell to pay.” Bonnie Nichols, wife of Ryan Nichols, a Jan 6 prisoner.

A recent incident nearly became a riot when one inmate, Ronald Colton McAbee was let out of his cell to go receive his regular medications. They must take their medications in front of a nurse to make sure they take the pills. He failed to wear a mask. One of the guards, Lieutenant Crystal Lancaster, began yelling at him to put his mask on. He advised her he was going to get his meds and didn’t need it. As soon as he took his pills, she doused him in the face with OC (pepper) spray, which is an inflammatory agent.

When he fell to the ground in pain, Lancaster allegedly ordered another guard to handcuff him., then she deliberately sprayed him in the face again. When three other inmates, Ron Sandlin, Bart Shively, and Ryan Nichols, rushed to his aid, and yelled at her to stop the assault, the three were hauled off to islation pods where there are no cameras. Two of the three were also heavily sprayed with OC.

dc gulag
Screenshot from an inmate

Lancaster was supposedly barred from the Jan 6 pod due to her brutal actions and stealing inmate’s mail. Yet there she was in living color, her vile actions on full display. When families attempted to complain to the US Marshals Service, they were told to contact their Congress Representatives and Senators.

Is America headed for a recession?

McAbee was left in the OC-soaked clothing for hours, according to the Epoch Times and ultimately ended up with chemical burns.

In the meantime, Sarah said her husband was in his cell drenched in OC spray for over 12 hours before he was taken to medical and “thrown into a hot shower.” Afterward, guards made him put the same OC spray-soaked clothing back on before putting him back in his cell. Four hours later it began to reactivate on his skin and in his eyes. He begged to be allowed to shower with soap and water. He was told to “suck it up.” It wasn’t until around midnight that he was allowed to shower with soap and water and put on clean clothes. The Epoch Times

Ryan Nichols has seen his tablet taken along with all the work on his legal Discovery that was completed on a thumbdrive that somehow ‘disappeared’ more than once. And that’s actually the “norm”in the DC gulag. The electronic grievance system has been turned off for a least a month, so there is no accountability in place for anyone (not that there has been much of that from the beginning of this travesty).

The DC gulag

The American Thinker wrote:

  • For the first four months, 23-24 hours a day solitary confinement.
  • Arbitrary, capricious, and constant punishment for minor, random infractions.
  • Even in solitary, being required to wear masks constantly, with any deviation the subject of a disciplinary report
  • Confiscation of privileged, legal documents as well as chronic and significant interference with the attorney-client relationship. Note that this is one of the most privileged relationships under American law.
  • Medical neglect, including refusing treatment for Christopher Worrell, who has both cancer and a broken hand. (Finally, two weeks ago, federal judge Royce Lamberth filed contempt charges against the prison warden for this one.)
  • Health hazards include overflowing raw sewage, mold, and dirty water.
  • Malnutrition from inedible and marginal food.
  • Denial of access to personal hygiene.
  • Minimal visits, including preventing access to attorneys unless the latter are both vaccinated and tested. (This may explain why the January 6 defendants seem to have been getting such abysmal legal representation.)
  • Denial of access to religious services, classes, and activities, all of which are available to non-political prisoners. When Ryan Samsel attempted to organize a Bible study group, correctional officers (mostly leftists from Africa) beat him and left him for dead. He permanently lost vision in one eye and suffered brain damage.
  • As the only White Republicans in the jail, the men are subject to a constant barrage of racial abuse.

So there you have it- political prisoners with a President who has decided that it’s citizens’ patriotic duty to destroy those who participated in Jan 6. It’s a narrative that was espoused by Adolf Hitler or Stalin, but instead is being pushed by Biden. They have been held without bail, deprived of the constitutional right to a speedy trial, and subjected to unwarranted punishment in the DC gulag.

“The President has incited the entire nation to hate the January 6th defendants as a patriotic duty.”  Attorney for Ryan Nichols




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