Tim Tebow Returns to the NFL..Will Play for Eagles..Liberals Cringe

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Tebow-NelsonTim Tebow is everything liberals hate.  When he was conceived, his mother was told by her doctors that her child would be abnormal and according to liberals, he is.

His mother refused to have the abortion and after a rough start in life, Tebow overcame his health problems to become a world class athlete.  He led his university to two national championships

As a professional, he took a team that had not made the playoffs in many years and he drove them into the playoffs and even managed to win a game.

To add to the nightmare liberals were fearful of, Tebow maintained his religious upbringing and was a very positive role model for every kid in America.  It was bad enough that he would bow to pray on the field, but he inspired thousands to do the same in the stands and throughout their normal life.

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