Sexist? Actor Michael Rapaport calls Laura Ingraham a ‘dog-faced animal,’ ‘f-in pig’

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Scratch a liberal, find a sexist hatemonger.  In a profanity-laced video posted to Instagram on Thursday, left-wing actor Michael Rapaport called Fox News host Laura Ingraham a “filthy pig,” a “dog-faced animal,” and a “f***in pig,” the Daily Wire reported, citing an article posted at SFGate.

According to Ryan Saavedra:

Rapaport, who was previously suspended from Twitter for attacking Ingraham, touched on what led to his last suspension, saying, “This is the same Laura Ingraham who just a few weeks ago said that LeBron James and Kevin Durant and these athletes should just shut up and dribble. And then I said, infamously, that you should shut up and dribble these nuts. Remember her?”

“And now Laura Ingraham, this savage, this dog, this mutt — and this has nothing to do with her looks,” Rapaport said. “It has to do with her behavior. The things that she exudes. She’s a sweaty pig. She’s going after this high school student.”

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“You filthy pig. you dog-faced animal,” he said.

“And now Laura Ingraham. this savage, this dog, this mutt — and this has nothing to do with her looks. It has to do with her behavior. The things that she exudes. She’s a sweaty pig.She’s going after this high school student,” he added.

“Who do you like, Laura, huh? You obviously have an affinity for D— Stain Donald Trump, but who do you like?” he asked. “Why don’t you go away, go back to the swamps, to the sewage system, to the ravine that you crawled out of? You f—ing pig, you.”

The Instagram video, which can be seen here, has been viewed over 125,000 times.

Ingraham came under fire after she dared to respond to an article about profane teen demagogue David Hogg being rejected by four colleges. This triggered Hogg’s inner fascist and prompted him to order his followers to demand that her advertisers drop her program.

Several companies, including Rachael Ray’s Nutrish, Nestle and Hulu dutifully obeyed.  Ingraham apologized for her tweet, but Hogg, who was labeled “King of the Snowflakes” on Twitter, rejected her apology and demanded she repudiate Fox News.

This isn’t the first time Ingraham has come under fire from sexist liberal hatemongers, as we reported here.

This, by the way, is the modern left…


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