President Trump: Immigrant Freeloaders Need Not Apply For Government Goodies [VIDEO]

In his weekly radio address to the nation, Donald Trump laid out some of the things that are in his new plan to reform legal immigration, by rolling back the Teddy Kennedy legislation that gave grafters and freeloaders preference over doctors, nurses and other professionals who provide services we are sorely lacking.

It used to be standard that anyone seeking to come into this country must prove that they would not be a burden on the US taxpayers.  The liberals did away with that requirement to allow them to buy the loyalty of immigrants, legal and not.  Under the new plan immigrants will not be eligible for government benefits for their first five years in the country.  Now if he would just do the same for illegal immigrants, our problems will be half solved.

This new policy will anger liberals.  That’s because they aren’t willing to use their own money to help these “orphans and widows” as Obama referred to them.

Can you tell which ones are widows and which are the orphans?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The plan was a joint effort between some House members and the White House.  The bill reverses the liberal plan Kennedy dreamed up and takes away the family precedent and replaces it with one based on skills needed in this country.  We have a severe shortage of doctors (Ones that don’t use dolls ar require the killing of chickens) and nurses.

I am working on a new plan.  I am giving up cursing, drinking and am giving my money to charity in order to assure myself a place in Heaven.  I may have to endure liberals here on Earth by I’ll be dad blamed if I’m going to spend eternity in a place liberals can get into.


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