Obama late to G20 moment of silence for Paris terror victims before warning against ‘abuse of Islam’

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President Barack Obama speaks at the G-20 meeting in Turkey.
President Barack Obama speaks at the G-20 meeting in Turkey.

Does Barack Obama really care about the victims of last Friday’s terror attack in Paris?

According to a report at the UK Daily Mail, Obama was late to a “moment of silence” in Belek, Turkey on Sunday.  Other leaders apparently decided not to wait and went ahead without Obama.

The Daily Mail reported:

The G20 leaders ‘gathered around a large round table for their first working session,’ a White House pool reporter wrote from the scene.

‘President Erdogan began the session with a one-minute moment of silence. The leaders stood to observe the moment. President Obama had not yet arrived and walked in at 4:34pm, after the moment of silence had begun.’

Video, courtesy of the Daily Mail, can be seen below:

Obama later went on to tell the world that he would continue in his efforts to bring Syrians to the United States and that he would not adjust his failing strategy to deal with terrorism.

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He also said this, according to Charlie Spiering:

So, it’s not terrorism from Islamic jihadis we need to be concerned about, it’s “abuse of Islam.”  Got it.

Kimberly Guilfoyle had a simple message about all this:


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