NYPD Orders Officers To Tolerate Violent Gangs Whose Members Are Illegal Immigrants To Make The Police “Look Good” (Video)

(Natural News) A New York City resident recently released a video on X, formerly Twitter, revealing that the New York Police Department has been given orders not to arrest violent illegal migrants’ gangs because the cops “do not want to look bad.”

“Guys, the violence here in the last two weeks in New York City has gotten so bad. Basically, all the migrants have created these little sub-gangs according to where they have derived from. The Colombians are sticking together. The Venezuelans are sticking together,” the woman said in the clip. She added that her friend, who is an NYPD officer, said that his superiors ordered them: “Don’t make us look bad. Don’t arrest any of them.”

“I saw my friend this weekend who is NYPD and he was telling me how crazy it is. And that they have direct orders that they can’t even really arrest them [migrant criminals]. Unless it’s a serious crime. Isn’t that ***** sick? Meanwhile, you got citizens who live here and they jaywalk and the cops are like, take that piece of *** in. Let’s go, $3,000 fine,” she ranted on the social media post.

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She even told a story about a very violent crime committed recently when a Venezuelan man was waiting in a food line. He tried to “hook up with some girl” who belonged to a Peruvian guy. The man from Peru got mad that he was trying to get his girl. And so, he stabbed him in the neck and killed the Venezuelan.

An internet user commented on the post: “They have learned that you can do anything in NYC and get away with it. Criminal gangs will take and take until they start taking apartments and homes.” Another commenter blamed what is happening to the kind of leaders Americans are installing into office. “So you’re getting what you voted for and are now surprised? LMFAO. You voted for Biden and you wanted to be a sanctuary city, so please enjoy. Y’all are going to receive hundreds of thousands of new residents as we ship them to you from Texas in the next few weeks,” he said.

NAPWP, meanwhile, said that of course, mainstream media once again won’t pick up this information. “We have been getting reports of immigrant crime coming in from all over the country and none of it is making the news media,” the user said.

Terrorist migrants’ brutal crimes and gang hacks in sanctuary cities

Not only did some of the illegal aliens who commit crimes evade arrest, but those detained were released, thanks to the city’s lax enforcement and sanctuary policies. And it is as if the Big Apple law enforcement never learns. Over the weekend, the NYPD which recently ordered police officers not to arrest migrant criminals to keep on “looking good” for the public, was attacked by a group of illegal migrants.

A group of at least twelve migrants was congregating and being disorderly in Times Square near one of the many hotels New York City has converted to house illegal aliens. According to police investigators, a group of illegal migrants, most residing in city shelters, were gathering in that area to commit crimes. NYPD officers approached to break up the disorderly group, but a skirmish quickly broke out in full view of the startled tourists and other onlookers. Graphic video shows the group of illegal aliens kicking and punching the officers, sending them to the ground and injuring them. One of the illegal aliens even stole an officer’s phone, which has yet to be recovered. The criminals fled but the cops have arrested six of them. Of ten men, seven have criminal histories ranging from robbery to petty theft.

The five arrested suspects were all released without bail because New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg did not ask the judge to impose bail, even though each migrant’s offense was “bail-eligible.” One of them, Jhoan Boada, was caught smirking and giving the middle finger to waiting news cameras as he was set free. The other four have boarded a bus to the border town of Calexico, CA after giving fake names to a nonprofit providing tickets. (Related: CONFIRMED: Mexican cartels are now INSIDE the U.S. forming gangs and SNIPER NESTS to take out Americans.)

(Editor: The following video is a Fox 5 news report, but has been censored by fascists at YouTube.  You can view the video by watching it on YouTube.)

Meanwhile, cops revealed that a “sophisticated” high-tech crime ring is operating in New York, too. A group of moped-riding migrants terrorizing New Yorkers used a hacker to breach bank accounts and make purchases at stores like Home Depot. It included people from several nations, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras and Mexico, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said.

“There’s not a Venezuelan shelter, there’s not a Mexican shelter,” he said. “They’re all brought in together, along with other groups as well.” But the Venezuelan-led gangs, including the suspected crooks busted, who were directed by a Venezuelan migrant named Victor Parra, 30 years old from the Bronx, tend to be more organized, he added. “Like you saw with yesterday’s [robbery ring bust] where the proceeds are being shipped to Miami, Houston and eventually Colombia, they’re a little more sophisticated in that they’re hacking into the phones, stealing people’s banking records.”

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