Milwaukee protester: Rich people don’t give us money so we burn our neighborhoods down — Video

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Milwaukee protester- rich people not giving us moneyMilwaukee, Wisconsin, now looks like a war zone after rioters protesting a police shooting decided to burn parts of the city down.  A video posted to Twitter early Sunday morning by Paul Joseph Watson gives one person’s reason for the riots — rich white people have money and won’t just give it away.

Here’s the video he posted:

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“It’s sad, because you know, this what happened because they not helping the black community, like you know, the rich people, they got all this money, and they, like not trying to give us none.”

Is that it?  Really?

That’s it…

Twitchy added:

It’s not fair and stuff, so let’s BURN DOWN SOME BUILDINGS. Forget the buildings are in their own communities because nothing says justice like destroying where you live.

Take THAT evil rich people of Milwaukee!


Twitchy went on to say this comes from the Democrat mantra of “gimmie gimmie gimmie.”


Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally-transformed America…


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