Maine writer, publicist admits stealing 40 Trump signs in WaPo article

trump campaign sign stolen stealing
Trump campaign sign — Wikimedia Commons

In an article published Tuesday at the Washington Post, Betta Stothart, a writer and publicist living in Falmouth, Maine, admitted GOP nominee Donald Trump made her so mad she stole 40 campaign signs.

“I committed a crime this month, along with two of my friends,” she admitted. “I’m not the lawbreaking type. In fact, as a 52-year-old mom, my life is pretty predictable and boring. But this election, a particular candidate’s boasts about women pushed me over the edge.”

She added:

In the suburban, upper-middle-class part of Maine where I live, Republicans and Democrats live together mostly in harmony. In every election cycle, there’s some tension. But the 2016 presidential campaign has been different. Tensions in my town are running at a fevered pitch.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Which is how three middle-aged moms came to be running down the road, tearing up the Donald Trump signs along our version of Main Street. We’d been talking about the infamous Billy Bush tape and the women who have since come forward to share their own stories of abuse. We were angry. Getting Trump’s name off our median strip seemed like the best way to express our rage.

In retrospect, I realize I shouldn’t be proud of my transgression. Hanging out with a bunch of moms, we started grousing about the proliferation of signs. Can you believe someone would put that many Trump signs so close together on our roads? It’s so rude. Who is this jerk? We felt assaulted by the number of signs. The idea of “cleansing” our streets seemed like the fastest way to restore balance and alleviate our election stress — at least, that night it did.

She went on to describe her crime — how she and her friends drove down the road in her Jetta, stealing signs.  The whole operation took less than 20 minutes, she noted.

“But the Falmouth police happened to spot us as we were preparing to leave the scene of the crime,” she said.  “The officer was kind, informing us that we had stolen someone else’s personal property, which had not really entered into my mind while I was doing it. He took the signs and sent us home.”

As it turned out, the signs belonged to a local businessman who happened to be the chairman of a local PAC supporting Trump.  After learning of her crime, he pressed charges.  Maine law, she explained, allows for a civil fine of up to $250 for stealing political signs.

She later tried to justify her act by comparing Trump to someone who abused her over a decade ago:

Like so many American women, I have my own story about a powerful man using his position of wealth and influence to demean my integrity and put my job at risk. My version of Trump was a board member of a nonprofit where I worked more than a decade ago. Over a period of many months, he called to talk about personal and board-related matters. He was married, so I never believed he had serious ulterior motives. Then, one day, he called to proposition me to enter an illicit “relationship” with him where he would fly me around the world to exclusive resorts. For sex.

After using the liberal canard of claiming violence is escalating on both sides (it isn’t), she added:

As someone who stooped to the level of stealing from a local businessman, I have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do. I also have advice for anyone who might be on the verge of doing something stupid. It’s not worth it. Find a healthy way to express your outrage.

Stothart’s piece, whether she knows it or not, perfectly illustrates modern liberalism, which thinks it’s perfectly okay to steal from hard-working Americans to assuage their feelings.

“I’m not the lawbreaking type,” she wrote.  Her actions, however, say otherwise.  Forget facts, logic or reasoning.  All that mattered to her at that time were her feelings, driven by something that had nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Liberalism, Michael Savage wrote, is a mental disorder.  Stothart, who, by the way, is also a mother, proved that assertion correct with her admission.


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