Liberal Author Says Bernie Sanders Has Decided to Run as an Independent

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15944454010_d9e0fa4476_bEd Klein, liberal author of books on Democratic presidents and a former columnist for a half a dozen liberal papers and magazines, now operates his own blog, and has announced that Bernie Sanders is on the cusp of announcing an independent run for president.

Klein has never been one to print conspiracies or rumors, so a revelation from him could well be from the sources he has built up over his decades of writing.  If it’s as Klein says, and there is no reason to doubt him, Hillary is a goner.

According to Klein’s sources within the Sanders campaign, Bernie is convinced the DNC has the fix in for Hillary and her mountainous campaign funds and large ground game along with the lack of debates, will leave Bernie with no chance despite the huge crowds he attracts everywhere he goes.

The campaign says that no timetable has been set but that Sanders would probably announce during the early primary races, because he’s convinced he will win New Hampshire and possibly Iowa.

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