Rasmussen: More voters think Trump will win in 2020

A new Rasmussen survey has revealed that more likely voters believe President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 than think he will be defeated by a Democrat challenger.

More voters think President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 than believe he will be beaten.

But don’t get out the victory party equipment just yet. It is 16 months until the November 2020 presidential election, which is an eternity in politics. Democrat debates begin this week in Miami, and these confrontations may begin a thinning of the herd.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation in the survey is that only 17 percent of voters think America is “great again” while 51 percent think more needs to be done to get the country into the “great” category.

Rasmussen reported that 47 percent of survey respondents think the president will win a second term, which is important to conservatives, especially gun owners, because this will give Trump four more years to appoint conservative judges, and perhaps another Supreme Court justice. This would balance the courts for years to come, putting the brakes on activist liberal jurists who have been accused of legislating from the bench.

More pro-gun judges would strengthen the Second Amendment, and one or two more conservative justices could expand the scope of the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. As Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation has observed, it would allow president to “Make the Second Amendment great again.”

Only 36 percent believe that Trump will be defeated next year, but that’s up a point from March, when 35 percent thought the Oval Office will change hands in 2021.

One interesting note is that 9 percent of the survey respondents still think Trump will be impeached.

Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll shows the president with a 48 percent job approval, while 50 percent disapprove of his work. Thirty-six percent strongly approve of Trump’s job performance while 40 percent strongly disapprove.

Twenty-two percent of survey respondents think America has always been great, while five percent think America will never be great.

Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll revealed that 23 percent of Americans think immigration remains “the most important problem facing the country.” The president has been pushing for stronger border enforcement since before taking office in 2017. It’s been a hot button issue prompting several lawsuits.

But this is the highest point of concern in recent memory. It was at 22 percent in July 2018, followed by 19 percent in April 2006 and 17 percent in July 2014, so each of the past three presidents including Trump has had an issue with immigration.


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