Hillary Clinton scolds white people after Baton Rouge killings, targets guns

Crooked Hillary blames whites, guns for Baton Rouge murders
Crooked Hillary blames whites for Baton Rouge, targets guns.

According to leftists like “crooked” Hillary Clinton, murder is never the fault of the killer, especially when the victim happens to be a police officer and the shooter happens to be a black militant.  Clinton demonstrated that during a speech to the NAACP in which she scolded white people, Twitchy said.

Sounds good, right?  Not so fast…


Translation: It’s the cops’ fault they’re being murdered…

As Twitchy noted, “stop killing police” wasn’t part of her platform.

Of course she targets the Second Amendment, because according to liberals, guns are capable of coming to life and killing people all by themselves.

Then she dug even deeper:

Because, apparently, she thinks it’s all the fault of white people.

Twitter, of course, reacted sharply.



And of course, she wants their votes so naturally, she’s going to pander to them.

One person said it was the identical message she tweeted after five officers were murdered in Dallas, Texas.

Which tells us everything we need to know about Hillary Clinton’s view of “law and order.”  Of course, the law doesn’t apply to her as we’ve all learned the hard way.


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