Heckler to Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC event: ‘You suck!’ – Video

sanderssupporterWhile speaking at a Democratic Party dinner in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday, DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz learned that not everyone in the Party likes her very well.

As she droned on, a CSPAN camera showed one man with a flashing Bernie sign silently watching her speak while other clapped enthusiastically.  Just before the camera cuts away, he is seen cupping his hands over his mouth and he can be heard telling her: “You suck!”

Here’s the video:

The American Mirror noted:

It wasn’t the only incident of activists lashing out at Wasserman Schultz, who has been accused of shielding Hillary Clinton during the primary process.

Amanda Terkel from the Huffington Post reported the audience booed Wasserman Schultz’s name when it was mentioned.

One person added:


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