Guns Don’t Kill People…Liberals Do


What is more culpable during a mass shooting?  The gun or the ideology of its user?  I have often wondered about that.  Therefore, I decided to do an experiment and I placed an AK-47 and a Glock on my front lawn.  I meticulously recorded the number of people who walked by my house (1,037) and the number of people killed (0).  Obviously, there were other variables that I did not include in my experiment.

Then, tonight I was reading the dating profile of San Bernardino killer Syed Farook.  He listed himself as “very liberal”.  This made me wonder.  With that in mind, I began researching other mass murderers and their political leanings.

Nidal Hasan…Ft Hood shooter…He killed 13 people.  He was a registered Democrat and a Muslim  ..14 killed , 21 wounded

James Holmes…Dark Knight Shooter, Aurora, Colorado…Registered Democrat — a campaign worker for Obama.  He was a progressive liberal who hated Christians. (A common trait among progressive liberals)…12 killed and 70 wounded

James J. Lee…Discovery Channel hostage taker…Progressive liberal and green activist…Police were able to kill him before he shot anyone or set off the explosives he had on him.

Aaron Alexis…Washington Navy Yard Shooter…Liberal who voted for Obama…12 dead, 3 wounded

Seung-Hui Cho…Virginia Tech shooter…Registered Democrat, who wrote hate mail to President Bush and his staff…32 killed, 17 wounded

Amy Bishop…Described as “rabid leftist” and an Obama supporter…Killed 3, wounded 3

Andrew J. Stock…leftist Democrat…Flew plane into Texas IRS building…1 killed, 13 wounded

Christopher Dorner…Cop killer…Ardent leftist who wrote a manifest bashing cops and praising Barack Obama and his wife Michelle…Killed three

Christopher Harper Mercer…Oregon College killer…Liberal who hated Christians, like all liberals do…10 killed, 9 wounded

Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski…a.k.a. The Unabomber…Left wing environmental whack job…3 killed , 23 wounded.

Maybe instead of registering guns and declaring Christians and veterans as dangers to society, we should force all liberals to register and disallow them from owning anything more dangerous that Nerf guns.

If you were honest and stopped to think for a moment, you would see the inevitable truth in what I say.  Look at the hateful remarks made by Obama, Reid, Pelosi and dozens of other liberal Democrats.  When a conservative dies, look at the comments made by liberal commentators.  It’s beyond outrageous.

This leads me to one conclusion…..Guns don’t kill people, liberals do.


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