Goodbye free speech: Calif. GOP Senator removed from floor after criticizing Tom Hayden over Vietnam War

GOP Tom Hayden California speech
Calif. state Sen. Janet Nguyen R-Garden Grove (Twitter)

This pretty much tells you everything you really need to know about the left and its respect for free speech.  On Thursday, California state Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, was escorted off the Senate floor when she tried to criticize the late Tom Hayden, a well-known anti-Vietnam War activist, the Sacramento Bee reported.

According to the Bee:

Republican colleagues say Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, was silenced by the Democratic majority when the Senate sergeant-at-arms escorted her from the chamber as Nguyen tried to criticize the late Democratic lawmaker Tom Hayden for his stance against the Vietnam War.

“I’m enraged at the violation to free speech, our Constitution and the precedent this sets,” said Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller, who asked the Senate Rules Committee to look into what happened and make sure there is no “retribution” against Nguyen for the incident.

Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee who represents a large Vietnamese community in Orange County, said she was shaken up and “quite upset” at being removed. Two days after the Senate memorialized Hayden, who traveled to North Vietnam with then-wife Jane Fonda in 1974, Nguyen said she wanted to offer “another historical perspective.”

“He sided with the communist government that enslaved and killed millions of Vietnamese, including my family,” the Orange County Republican said. Without U.S. support for South Vietnam, she added, “I wouldn’t be here today. I would be dead.”

Here’s video, posted to Twitter:

Reaction was pretty much what you’d expect:

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Yes, it’s very sad.  But this is what liberals mean by “tolerance.”

That could pretty much describe “progressives” Democrats everywhere.

The Senator tweeted:

Assembly member Melissa Melendez reminded followers:

So much for free speech in the people’s republic of California…


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