German Federal Army quits NATO exercise, exceeded ‘overtime’ limits

Too fat to fight. Photo: Twitter.
Too fat to fight. Photo: Twitter.

Once one of the most feared military machines in the history of warfare, the army of the German nation has figuratively dropped its weapons and retreated to their tents for nap time in a recent NATO combat exercise in Norway. As reported by Justin Huggler of Britain’s theTelegraph news service on Apr. 10, 2016, and also by Tom Batchelor of yet another British newspaper The Express on Apr.11, 2016, newly mandated overtime rules dictate that the Bundeswehr (Federal Army) can only actually be on duty a mere 41-hours per seven day period.

 While still clear in the memory of millions who remember a Germany that stretched from Great Britain’s Guernsey Island to the Arctic Circle to North Africa to Mt. Elbrus on the Russian-Georgian border, the present-day Germany of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen may not be as feared as it was not that long ago. Case in point would be the German Army contingent essentially walking away from a NATO combat exercise in Norway.

Tagged Exercise Cold Response 2016, 15​,000 troops from 14 ​nations ​participated in war games simulating an attack presumably originating in Russia launched against our Scandinavian ally​​.​ However, the ​Deutsch Soldaten had to cease participation 12 days into the op due to the Berlin government mandating a 41-hour workweek for all members of their armed forces.

While the Merkel Administration has enough money to welcome between 1-2 million alleged migrants from the Middle East, the word of budget cuts to the country’s military have revealed troops were forced to exchange rifles for wooden sticks painted black. The faux firearms were apparently attached to the top of armored vehicles during training operations.

And the budget cuts didn’t have a negative effect on just shoulder fired weapons. It’s also coming to light that fewer than half of Germany’s 66 Tornado aircraft were even capable of flight. It’s estimated that most of their Tornado fleet aren’t capable of a successful combat engagement with a comparable enemy warplane.

Not the first time today’s German Federal Army has made the headlines, The Telegraphreported in 2008 the status of German troops as overall “overweight chainsmokers.” Quite different from WWII’s Generalfeldmarschall Erwin von Rommel who once famously stated, “In the absence of orders, find something and kill it,” today’s German soldiers have been found out to be the following:

  • Over 40 percent of German soldiers were overweight
  • 70 percent were heavy smokers who did not engage in regular exercise.
  • Almost nine percent of professional soldiers are clinically obese
  • Over 27 percent admitted to never engaging in sports or other physical activities

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