Forgery? Videos show Allred, Young falsely presented ‘notes’ as Roy Moore’s handwriting

As we and others reported Friday, Beverly Young Nelson, one of those accusing Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, admitted that she added “notes” to a yearbook inscription allegedly written by Moore in 1977.  Facebook, using the left-wing “fact-checker” Politifact, flagged the report as false.  But videos reveal that both Young and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred previously claimed Moore wrote the entire inscription — including the “notes” later added by Young.

This, Breitbart explained, is forgery.  Forgery, by the way, is a crime in Alabama.

According to Breitbart:

Note that forgery includes altering a real document. It does not matter if part of the document — say, the signature — is real. If any part of the document is altered and presented as original and authentic, it is a forgery and the entire document is legally useless — or worse than useless, since it impeaches the credibility of the person presenting it.

Originally, both Nelson and Moore claimed that the entire writing was Moore’s. At the press conference on Nov.13 where Nelson presented her story, both she and Allred read the inscription in the yearbook in full and stated clearly that Roy Moore was responsible for all of it.

Here is Nelson reading the inscription (11:38 to 12:08): “He wrote in my yearbook, as follows: ‘To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, Old Hickory House.”‘ And he signed it, ‘Roy Moore D.A.’”

Allred did the same: “Mr. Moore’s signature appears because he signed her yearbook, and we have provided you with copies [inaudible]. Oh, here it is. OK, this is what we gave you as a copy, wherein he says he signed it to her — well, he didn’t give her name, but he said: ‘To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say “Merry Christmas.” Christmas 1977.’ — hold the other end, please, thank you — ‘Love, Roy Moore’ — oh, excuse me — ‘Love, Roy Moore, D.A.,12-22-77, Old Hickory House.’”

Breitbart added:

Politifact suggests that Breitbart News claimed Roy Moore’s signature is false. We did not — though there are some online sleuths who do, or who claim that the “Roy” is real but the “Moore” was added later, in different ink. That is all irrelevant, however. If even part of the document was altered, it is a forgery.

The yearbook was presented not just to show that Roy Moore knew Nelson, but to establish the time and place where he allegedly assaulted her. We now know that at least some of that information was not written by Moore, as Nelson and Allred originally claimed.

Not only did Nelson and Allred claim, falsely, that Moore wrote the entire inscription, but they refused to offer it to a neutral and independent expert for analysis. And they waited more than three weeks to admit that the inscription had been altered. That is forgery, and to the extent it casts doubt on Nelson’s story, that is her, and Allred’s, fault.

Exit question: Will Gloria Allred be held accountable for this?

On a final note, yours truly spoke with Rabbi Eric Walker about the Roy Moore election Monday morning. You can catch that video below:

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