‘Withhold DOJ funds from anti-gun governments,’ asks rights group

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (Screen capture, YouTube, ABC)

A national gun rights organization has asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to withhold Department of Justice funding support “from any local or state government that adopts policies that infringe on the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.”

The request was in a letter to Sessions from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, based in Washington state.

“The anti-Second Amendment municipal governments of such cities as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, and legislatures in states including New Jersey, Connecticut, California and Massachusetts should not be receiving taxpayer funds while violating the constitutional rights of the citizens in their jurisdictions,” wrote CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

“It is ironic that all of those places are willing to spend millions of dollars to attack the rights of gun owners, when they should be protecting civil and constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment.”—Alan Gottlieb, CCRKBA

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In virtually all of those jurisdictions, gun rights have been under steady attack from liberal government officials.

“The time has come to slap them down,” Gottlieb said of anti-gun officials, “and the best way to get their attention is to turn off the funding spigot.”

Ironically, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is a former federal prosecutor. That city has literally waged a war on Evergreen State gun owners. For example, the city tried unsuccessfully to ban guns in city park facilities several years ago, but a lawsuit by CCRKBA, the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association sued to stop it.

The city more recently adopted a “gun violence tax.” SAF, NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation sued, but lost before the liberal state Supreme Court. A separate lawsuit by the senior editor of TheGunMag.com was successful and it forced the city to reveal that it had taken in far less revenue than predicted.

Seattle also wants to repeal the state’s preemption statute that prevents the city from adopting its own gun laws.

As part of its effort, CCRKBA is launching a national petition drive to mobilize grass roots support for withholding Justice Department funds from the offending local and state governments.

“These political subdivisions spend an inordinate amount of public money to enforce laws that violate fundamental individual civil and constitutional rights,” Gottlieb said in his letter to Sessions. “These funds should be used to protect the public from violent criminals and terrorists.”

There has been no response from Sessions or the Justice Department.

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